Tork H3 Premium Zigzag Fold Soft Hand Towels/Tissues for Singlefold Towel System



Comfort your guests with the soft 2-ply Premium Tork Singlefold Hand Towels that are gentle to the hands with a high-quality feel. These towels are suitable for the Tork Singlefold Hand Towel Dispenser and for demanding environments. It reduces consumption and waste, and improves hygiene, with its reliable one-at-a-time dispensing.

QuickDry™ technology ensures a most absorbent paper for more efficient drying with less waste. The attractive Tork Leaf pattern is designed to make a great impression, while Tork Easy Handling™ technology makes it easy for carrying, opening and disposal.

  • 6 x 2-ply basic white soft hand towels with singlefold parting
  • Compatible with Tork® Singlefold Hand Towel dispenser (H3 system)
  • Strong and extra absorbent with QuickDry™ technology
  • Gentle high-quality feel
  • One-at-a-time dispensing
  • Tork Leaf pattern
  • Tork Easy Handling™ technology
  • Can be used in professional environments
  • Easily operated with one hand
  • 200 sheets per pack
  • Pack Dimensions: H 13 x W 22.6 x D 11.5 cm
  • Sheet Length: 22.6 cm
GTIN 7322540012095
Product Code SELEX-4061-1-1338
Brand Tork

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